the first licensed (EU) token for gamers
Native utility token of GamerHash platform,
used by 750,000+ users, who mine crypto with gaming PCs.
We are focused on gamers, games & building Metaverses.
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Astro Burn | GamerhashIo

We officially burned 72,000,000 GHX!

Gamerhash team is proving its own commitment to long-term project development and willingness to make GamerCoin a native token for gamers - especially in the times of metaverses. The tokens came from various pools, mostly from the GamerHash TEAM pool - from Founders. The process consisted of several rounds of token burning with a monthly interval which started on the 29th of December 2021 with 12,000,000 tokens and ended on the 6th June 2022.

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Our partners
We are Metaverse builders
We have more than
registered users
available on...
and mobile platforms:
blockchain market expected to grow to $8.6 billion by the end of 2024
2.5 billion
$12 billion
affiliation market
$152.1 billion
will be spend on games
Market potential
GamerHash connects two rapidly growing technologies into one unique business concept. Gamers meet blockchain in their own environment and spread adoption of new economy models.


Additional insights into our platform's vision, development roadmap, the GamerHash Ecosystem, and the innovative GamerCoin token can be found in our comprehensive documentation. Prepare for an engaging read!

Ecosystem that engage Gamers
Numbers crunching time
users - mostly from Europe & South America
conversions to registration
completed transactions (daily payments to users in-app wallets)
earnings starting from a couple to $200/month on home PC
completed orders in GamerHash Store

What Can I do with GamerHash desktop app
  • Share excess computing power of your PC
  • Receive Bitcoin and GamerCoin
  • Withdraw them or use in the GamerHash Store
  • Complete tasks within your favorite games
  • Claim rewards in GUSD
  • Buy your favorite products with earned GUSD

There is a GamerHash mobile app!
Fast access to crypto mined with GamerHash

Fast access to crypto mined with GamerHash

Buy gift cards, games and hundreds of other products instantly

Buy gift cards, games and hundreds of other products instantly

Control status of your mining

Control status of your mining

Send and receive crypto anytime and anywhere

Send and receive crypto anytime and anywhere


Over 1,000 Positive reviews!

Earning, HODLing and spending crypto will never be easier. Download now:

Roadmap 2.0
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5th Floor, Dragonara Road
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